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WCPA Annual Meeting 2012.
Guest Poet Charles Pratt (center) with Joan Pratt and Ron Cole.  More photos & meeting news.
2012 WCPA College Contest finalists and judges.
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Denise Levertov Workshop Reunion Reading
Assumption College, April 2
7th Annual reading at Goddard Homestead, May 9, 2012, in conjunction with their annual themed art exhibit.  This year's theme was "Nature and the City."
June 4  - Andrew Kuhn and Dathalinn O'Dea
started off Bloomsday 2012 with a talk for First Monday Poetry Series.
Johanna Winart joined us on June 11 at First Unitarian Church to present a talk about Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom, characters in James Joyce's Ulysses. 

Photos and more at Bloomsday 2012.
WCPA Spring Open Reading - The Sprinkler Factory, April 18.
Annual Spring Reading - Quinsigamond Community College,
May 2, 2012. WCPA  was a co-sponsor with the student club, ALANA. There are fewer notebooks these days - the new generation of poets have gone digital.
A photo from "The Wild Braid" on display. (Bob Gill Photo)Saxaphone player greeting visitors. (Bob Gill Photo)Pears everywhere! (Bob Gill Photo)Birthday cake and 18 pears. (Bob Gill Photo)House tour underway. (D'Alessandro Photo)Woodford Street Garden (D'Alessandro Photo)
Stanley Kunitz Birthday Celebration
Sunday, July 29, 2012
click to enlarge photo
Stanley Kunitz
Childhood Home
4 Woodford Street

Open House
Sunday, October 7
Monday, October 8
Pear tree dedicated in memory of Stanley Kunitz at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, Massachusetts, 2012.
Photo by Dan Lewis
Gertrude Halstead
1916 - 2012

Sunday, November 18
Remembering Gertrude Halstead
Assumption College Hagan Campus Center
Celebrating the life and words of the first
Poet Laureate of Worcester

Worcester Telegram & Gazette Story
Gertrude Halstead Timeline
Gertrude Halstead - Sam Cornish 2008 Worcester Reading

Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home Open House - October 7 & 8
Eleanor Vincelette was among the readers during the open mic on Sunday afternoon.  Chilly fall weather moved the readings from the garden to the livingroom on both days.  Participants read work by Kunitz and their own poetry.  Eleanor shared a poem inspired by Kunitz's "The Snakes of September".  Docents provided tours on both Sunday and Monday, including a visit from members of the Dead Poets Society.
Remembering Elizabeth Bishop - October 6, 2012
Just a bit of intermittent rain - not enough to keep us away!
Dead Poets Society Honors Worcester Poets
Hope Cemetery - October 7, 2012
Gathered at the Elizabeth Bishop grave site, poets read the works of Charles Olson (1910-1970), Frank O'Hara 1926-1966), Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979), Stanley Kunitz (1905-1906), Chris Gilbert (1949-2007), Etheridge Knight (1931-1991), Dennis Brutus (1924-2009), and Donald Baker (1923-2001).
Dead Poets Society members and WCPA met at the Elizabeth Bishop grave site in Hope Cemetery.Carle Johnson offers some history on Etheridge Knight's time in Worcester during which he iconducted the Free Poeple's Poetry Workshops.Dan Lewis reads Charles Olson.Anne Marie Lucci was among the readers, which included members of the Dead Poets Society reading Frank O'Hara and Stanley Kunitz.Dead Poets Society filmed the readings.Most of the readers and a selection of books by the honored poets.  Chris Gilbert and Etheridge Knight, though not born in Worcester, contributed significantly to the Worcester poetry community.  Gilbert attended Clark University and lived in Providence, RI.Dead Poets Society tours Stanley Kunitz boyhood home at 4 Woodford Street.As John Gaumond ends the tour, George slips two leaves from Stanley's pear tree into his notebook.
More Dead Poets Society Photos (Click image to enlarge)
Frank O'Hara Prize Winners' Reading
Kathleen Spivack
Fourth Annual Gregory Stockmal Reading
December 6, 2012 - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Carol Stockmal, Kathleen Spivack, Jim Cocola
Carle Johnson provided some history of the Greg Stockmal Reading series.Poets, friends and members of the Stockmal family in Kinnicutt Hall.Dan Lewis was invited by Kathleen Spivack to read his poem about the gift of a Kunitz pear.Long-time friends Kathleen Spivack and Laura Menides.Kathleen shared her own poetry along with memories of Stanley Kunitz and Carol and Greg Stockmal.Kathleen reads from her new book, 'With Robert Lowell and His Circle: Sexton, Plath, Bishop, Rich, Kunitz and others' (University Press of New England)
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