Worcester County Poetry Association
Established 1971
Worcester County Poetry Association / PO Box 804, Worcester, MA 01613 / 508-797-4770 / wcpaboard@yahoo.com

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Away we go...

After nine months of chatting, discussing, disagreeing, logo discussions, history lessons, redesigning, reviewing, and spelling checking, we are thrilled to present our new website.  Over the new few days, our new site should appear in a web browser near you!

Built on a modern platform, it will resolve many of the challenges our original site had where it often showed a jumble of lines meshed together.  Desktop and mobile devices should now deliver a valuable experience.  The website redesign is part of our effort to reach new communities within Worcester and Central Massachusetts.

We would not be here today without the support of the grant committee led by Therese Carr!  Thank you to Robin Boucher, Bob Gill, Kate McIntyre, and Lyndsay Uvanitte.  A Greater Worcester Community Foundation Creative Engagement grant, funded by the Barr Foundation, allowed us to undertake this transformative work.

Visit our new website at http://www.worcestercountypoetry.org.  Or click here to go to the original website, which is no longer updated but still contains a lot of historical information.

You will be redirected to the new website in about 10 seconds.