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Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home Summer Writing Series
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Announcing The Poet Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home Summer Writing Series

4 Woodford Street
Stanley Kunitz 1905-2006
Series Mission: to examine poems of Stanley Kunitz in the setting of his boyhood home in Worcester,
Massachusetts, with the purpose of generating new writing.

Workshop facilitators will lead discussions of Stanley Kunitz's poems that relate to specific themes and involve you
in writing activities designed to help you create new work.  Bring pen, paper and your love of writing to his boyhood home, designated a Literary Landmark (c) by the American Library Association.

Series Season:  June 1st - September 15th - selected Saturdays from 1 - 5 p.m.
Refreshments served.  Registration fee: $20 per workshop.
Contact Carol Stockmal c.stockmal@verizon.net/508-756-4407 to register now.
Limited enrollment!


June 15 - Find the Buried Treasures - Join Judith Ferrara and her buried treasure map of Stanley Kunitz's homes.  The poems The Portrait and My Mother's Pears will be used to guide you in the creation of your own treasure hunt map and help you "Dig the hole deeper."  Register by June 11.

July 13 - Song Lying Under - Join Jim Cocola and his insightful look at songs embedded in Kunitz's poems, such as An Old Cracked Tune and Particular Lullaby.  His activities are designed to develop your ear for musical motifs in your own writing.  Register by July 9.

August 10 - Like Gardens, Poems Grow - Join Carle Johnson and work alongside Stanley Kunitz for whom the garden was a metaphor for life, death and rebirth.  Using poems such as The Layers and The Round, you will till the soil of life's experiences.  New writing and discussion will nurture your "poetic compost."  Register by August 6.

August 24 - Storytelling and Truth - Join Francine D'Alessandro for a voyage from Truth to Mythology.  Citing examples of autobiography and invention in poems such as Halley's Comet and Passing Through, her activities will loosen you from facts, enabling you to create writing that seeks to portray a larger truth.  Register by August 20.

September 14 - For Love, Poetry, and for Eternal Life - Join John Gaumond for an afternoon of considering rituals in your life through the poems of others.  For example, Stanley Kunitz famously cited a boyhood ritual in his poem The Testing Tree.  Activities will summon a look at rituals as seeds for writing.  Register by September 10.

Co-sponsored by the Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home & The Worcester County Poetry Association