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"-- The Lord forgive me! Mr Power said, wiping his wet eyes with his fingers. Poor Paddy! I little thought a week ago when I saw him last and he was in his usual health that I'd be driving after him like this. He's gone from us." 
Ulysses, Episode 6 (Hades)
Welcome to Worcester Bloomsday 2009!

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Solemnly he came forward and mounted the round gunrest.  He faced about and blessed gravely thrice the tower, the surrounding country and the awaking mountains.
Ulysses, Episode 1
Bancroft Tower  (Bancroft Tower Road)
8:00am to 9:30am
Episode 1: Telemacus
Stately, plump Buck Mulligan........

Bring a chair, a blanket, or an umbrella - rain or shine, we begin the day as Stephen Dedalus does: sleepy and in need of caffeine. (WCPA will spring for the coffee and donuts.)
Ben Franklin Books (21 Salem Street)
10:00am to 11:30am
Episode 13: Nausica
The summer evening had begun to
fold the world…

A traditional stop every year for tea and scones and the annual Bloomsday readers' discount. Find a seat amidst the organized chaos of this Worcester institution. Support your independent bookstore & buy a book!
Fiddler's Green (19 Temple Street)
12:00pm to 1:30pm
Episode 12: Cyclops
I was just passing the time of day
with old Troy…

Have some lunch and lift a glass at the home of Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre. For directions and menu, visit their website at
Telegram & Gazette (Franklin Street)
2:00pm to 3:30pm
Episode 7: Aoelus
In the Heart of the Hibernian Metropolis

Bloom and our merry ramblers visit a local newspaper. If there had been an online paper in 1906, we would have missed some great dialogue! Look for us in the T&G lobby.
Worcester Public Library Banx Room
(1 Salem Square)
4:00pm to 5:30pm
Episode 9: Scylla & Charybdis
Urbane, to comfort them, the quaker
librarian purred.......

What better location for a Bloomsday reading? We celebrate James Joyce, famed raconteur, and  Ulysses, his once-banned book.
Dinner Break - The Belfry Restaurant
(59 Blackstone River Road)
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Dinner is a good time to take a break from the schedule to talk about the day and enjoy some good food. Directions and menu can be found at:
Vasa Hall (1 Ekman Street, first floor)
8:00pm to 10:00pm
Episode 17: Ithaca
What parallel courses did Bloom
and Stephen follow returning?

Home again, home again - for Bloom and Stephen and all of us. We'll brew up some coffee and explore the meaning of it all with our intrepid companions. It's a lovely way to end the day - and we have the advantage of indoor plumbing.
Monday, June 8, 7:00pm
Book Discussion

Shakespeare and Company
by Sylvia Beach

N.O.W. Book Group will discuss Shakespeare and Company by Sylvia Beach, who, in 1922, famously published James Joyce’s Ulysses.  Join our discussion of women of Literary Paris in 1920’s and 1930’s.  Other titles to consider: Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation by Noel Riley Fitch,  Nora: The Real Life Molly Bloom by Brenda Maddox, Lucia Joyce: To Dance in the Wake by Carol Loeb Shloss, Women of the Left Bank by Shari Benstock, and many others. All are welcome to join us for lively discussion. Learn more about N.O.W. Book Group, at, search member NOWBOOK.

Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Plaza, Worcester
Thursday, June 11, 7:00pm
Open Mic and Participatory Reading

Street Beat Celebrates Ulysses

Themed Open Reading – Work by or inspired by James Joyce and all things Irish, followed by a Participatory Reading of the Episode 15: Circe of James Joyce’s Ulysses, the rollicking cast-of-thousands Nighttown episode. Lend your voice to this Worcester Bloomsday Ramble tradition – All are Welcome! Refreshments.

WCPA Office, 1 Ekman Street (first floor)
Saturday, June 14, 12:00pm
Participatory Reading

The Dark Horse Tavern & River Run
at 12 Crane

Stop for lunch at the Dark Horse then join us upstairs at the Joyce-inspired River Run to mark the passing of poor Paddy Dignam with a participatory  reading of Ulysses Episode 6: Hades. So, raise a glass of Honest Town Brewery's own Padraig Irish Red. And feel free to dress for the occasion -
remember: it's 1906 Dublin!

12 Crane Arts Complex, 12 Crane Street, Southbridge
Tuesday, June 16: The Worcester Ramble   Worcester Bloomsday 2009 Itinerary
Reading Ulysses - Episode 6: Hades
12 Crane River Run
June 13, 2009
Reading Ulysses - Episode 15: Circe
Street Beat
June 11, 2009
Bloomsday 2009
Bancroft Tower - Rain or Shine!
Standing Room Only at Ben Franklin Bookstore
Rabble Rousing at Fiddler's Green
Business Unusual at the T & G
At the Portal - Worcester Public Library
The Ramble Comes to Rest at Ekman Street
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