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Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home Summer Writing Series
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Announcing Season 2 of the
Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home Summer Writing Series
4 Woodford Street
Stanley Kunitz 1905-2006
Series Objective: to examine poems of Stanley Kunitz in the setting of his boyhood home in Worcester, Massachusetts, with the purpose of generating new writing.

Workshop facilitators will lead discussions of Stanley Kunitz’s poems that relate to specific themes and involve you in writing activities designed to help you create new work. Bring pen, paper and your love of writing to his boyhood home, designated as a Literary Landmark© by the American Library Association.

Selected Saturdays from 1 - 5 p.m.
Refreshments served. Registration fee: $20 per workshop
Registration required: contact Carol Stockmal
stanleykunitzboyhoodhome@gmail.com ♦ 508-756-4407
Limited enrollment!

June 14 - The Poet’s Quest for the Father - Join Karen Sharpe for an insightful writing journey. One does not need to have lost a father to understand the quest for identity and the impact of loss. A look at poems, such as “Father and Son” and “The Unquiet Ones,” will build a bridge to new writing that leads in new directions.  Registration deadline - June 7.

July 12 - Here and There, Now and Then in Kunitz’s Poetry - and Yours - Join Susan Elizabeth Sweeney and move through poetic space and time. A discussion of poems, such as “The Testing Tree” and “Halley’s Comet,” will open the door to movement and urgency in your own writing.  Registration deadline - July 5.

August 16 - Revision, Research, and Poetry: Exploring the Work Behind Stanley’s Words -  Join Kristina England for a look at earlier drafts of Stanley Kunitz’s poems, such as “My Mother’s Pears” and “Three Floors.” Participants must bring one copy of a poem currently in the works and be ready to apply Kristina’s tips and tricks for revision. Registration deadline - August 9.

September 13 - It All Began in a Garden: Stanley Kunitz and the Soul of Nature - Join bg Thurston for a look at how Stanley Kunitz portrayed nature in poems, such as “The Snakes of September” and “Robin Redbreast.” Participants will strive to incorporate the metaphor and mystery of the natural world into new writing.  Registration deadline - September 6.

Visit kunitzhome.org for more information on the writing series and the Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home.
Judith Ferrara, Series Coordinator                             Carol Stockmal, Owner/Curator

Co-sponsored by the Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home and
the Worcester County Poetry Association.
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