First Prize
(Auto)biography: As a child making pictures and poems, I felt I might burst from the sheer joy of creativity.  Later, in college and graduate school, I began writing in earnest, though not always happily.  I learned from various teachers, both living and pressed between pages, how to craft poems.  Despite everything Emily Dickinson tried to teach me, however, I didn't know how to become a poet.  Eventually, I stopped writing altogether.  A year ago, I began making poems again, and now I am trying harder than ever to practice being a poet.

Second Prize
“Yard Work on Saturday”
Ann Sweetman is a high school English teacher who lives in Shrewsbury with her husband John, and daughters, Miranda and Isabel. Her generous and talented Round Table friends enabled her to be where she is today.

Third Place
“Le Jazz Hot! Baby”
Joyce abandons housework whenever a poem clears its throat, a worthwhile prioritization except that poems lurk in dustrags and ambush from broom bristles.  In self-defense she shouts: I am not a disorderly person…just look at my poems!  Her latest work has centered around ekphrasis – writing about the visual arts. She has participated in various Poets in the Galleries projects at the Worcester Art Museum, and has a particular affinity for ekphrasis on photographs.  Publications local to the Worcester area include: Diner, Sahara, Poets in The Galleries, and The Issue.  She is Associate Editor to Diner.

Honorable Mention

Emily Bomba of Whtinsville, Massachusetts, once met a man in a bowler hat and hobnailed boots who offered her the world; she suspected he was Satan and turned him down.

“Holiday Sleet”
Rodger Martin lives in Harrisville, New Hampshire.  He is the recipient of two National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships, the Appalachia prize for poetry, and other awards.  He is the author of The Nemo Poems. His work has been published throughout the United States and in China.

“East Village Idyll”
Francine D’Alessandro lives in Worcester but her work is most often inspired by life in her native New York City.  Her poetry has appeared in Sahara, Diner, The Longfellow Society Journal, The Issue, Windfall, and the Poets’ Asylum anthology As We Do Most Sunday Nights. She is co-editor of Poets in the Galleries: The Worcester Art Museum Permanent Collection.

“Believing is not really believing”
Todd Richardson is the author of the small fanzine Dark Alleys of the North Atlantic, a collection of literature and photography.  He works as a technical writer and is resident of Watertown, Massachusetts.

2005 WCPA Poetry Contest Judge PETER JOHNSON was born in Buffalo, New York. He received his B.A. from State University of New York at Buffalo and his M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of New Hampshire. His books include I'm A Man (collection of short stories), published in 2003; Miracles & Mortifications (book of prose poems), which won the 2001 James Laughlin Award given by the Academy of American Poets; Pretty Happy! and a chapbook of poems, Love Poems for the Millennium. In 1999, he received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and in 2002 received a fellowship from the Rhode Island Council for the Arts. He is also the founding editor of The Prose Poem: An International Journal and editor of The Best of the Prose Poem, published by the White Pine Press in 2000. A contributing editor to American Poetry Review, Web del Sol, and Slope, Peter Johnson teaches at Providence College and lives in Rhode Island with wife, Genevieve,

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2005 Annual Poetry Contest
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2005 Contest Judge:  Peter Johnson

Contest Coordinator:  Joe Reynolds

Winners' Reading
Sunday, September 25, 2005
Village Arts Gallery
One Ekman Street, Worcester


Winning poems appear in
The Worcester Review Volume XXV!

Contest judge Peter Johnson and WR Editor Rodger Martin.WCPA Data Manager Evan Plante and Carol Plante.Judy FerraraPeter JohnsonAnn SweetmanThe reading was held at Village Arts Gallery.Beth SweeneyJoe ReynoldsJoyce HeonPeter JohnsonRodger MartinTodd Richardson
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