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Bloomsday 2013
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Friday, June 7 - 7:00pm

Film:  The Dead

Frances Perkins Branch
Worcester Public Library
470 West Boylston Street

FREE & Open to the Public
Pre-Bloomsday Events
Welcome to Bloomsday Worcester 2013

The Pre-Bloomsday Programs are listed below. 
As always, they are FREE & Open to the Public.

Join us on Sunday, June 16, for the annual Worcester Ramble.
We'll supply coffee for our 8:00am stop, but you pay for your own meals during the lunch and dinner stops.

And don't forget: You may want to bring along a hat and a chair.  We hit the trail rain or shine!

Go to the 2013 Worcester Ramble Itinerary

Print the 2013 Flyer (pdf)

Print the Ulysses Page Finder (pdf)

Thursday, June 13 - 7:00pm

Open Reading: Street Beat Celebrates Bloomsday

Bloomsday falls on Father's Day this year, so bring your father poems and your favorite passages from any of James Joyce's works.  Refreshments will be provided.  (We pass the hat to help support the venue.)

WCPA at One Ekman Street, Worcester
Entrance and parking are at the rear of the building.

FREE & Open to the Public
Four generations of Joyce men: Portrait of John Stanislaus Joyce; James, Giorgio, and young Stephen.

Photo: Gislegrave;le Freund.
8:00am - Bancroft Tower
Bancroft Tower Road

Reading:  Episode 1 - Telemachus

We meet Stephen Dedalus at Martello Tower, Dublin

We'll bring the coffee, you bring a chair!

10:00am - Elm Park
at Russell and Cedar Streets

Reading: Episode 4 - Calypso

We meet Leopold Bloom preparing breakfast.

12 noon - Bagel Time
194B Park Avenue

Reading:  Episode 7 - Aeolus

Stephen and Leopold cross paths at the newspaper
office of the Freeman's Journal and National Press.

Buy your own lunch.

2:00pm - First Unitarian Church
90 Main Street

Reading:  Episode 6 - Hades

Paddy Dignam's burial, attended by Leopold Bloom,
Simon Dedalus (Stephen's father), and others.

4:00pm - Turtle Boy Statue
Worcester Common, corner of Franklin & Front Street

Reading:  Episode 13 - Nausicaa

Leopold Bloom observes Gerty MacDowell
on Sandymount Strand.

6:00pm - The Boynton Restaurant
117 Highland Street

Reader's Choice - share your favorite passages.

Buy your own dinner.
Don't park in the Sole Proprietor parking lot!!

8:00pm - Espress Yourself Coffee
2 Richmond Avenue

Reading:  Episode 17 - Ithaca

Leopold and Stephen at 7 Eccles Street.

Our second visit to this cosy spot to end the day.

Sunday, June 16, 2013 - The Worcester Ramble
Thank you all - filmgoers, Street Beat poets, readers and ramblers - for another great Worcester celebration of James Joyce and Ulysses.  This year, the Worcester Ramble was dedicated to one of its founders, Angela Dorenkamp, who died on April 20. 

We were happy to see so many familiar faces from Bloomsdays past and to welcome many new friends to the event.  Enjoy the photos!

Visit the Worcester Telegram and Gazette to view Betty Jenewin's photos and video of our visit with Turtle Boy.

More coverage and photos by Kristina England are on the WCPA Facebook page.

Keith set us off for the day with a spirited rendition of Telemachus.Josie picked up the action as Buck Mulligan, Stephen Dedalus and Haines eat breakfast at Martello Tower.Dan Lewis reads from the Proteus episode in honor of Angela Dorenkamp. The day began in bright sunshine, making it difficult to read those tablet screens.  Ann Lewis provided some shade.An extremely well-behaved puppy joined us for the morning session.The Ramblers about to set off on their journey around Worcester.Settling in at Elm Park.Carle gives voice to Leopold Bloom's cat.  Mkgnao!Jay tells us that his ancestors came from one of the Irish islands mentioned in the Calypso episode.  The islands?  Inishturk, Inishark and Inishbofin.  We also learned from Jay that Irish place names beginning with 'Inish' refer to islands in the sea, while 'Inis" referrs to lake islands.Jim picks up the story.The Elm Park readers pose for a group photo.We enjoyed a pleasant, tasty and noisy lunch at Bagel Time.  In the Aeolus episode, amid the chaos of the newspaper office, we hear the story about a visit to Nelson's Pillar undertaken by  Anne Kearns and Florence MacCabe. The chaos subsides when everyone heads off to the pub.  The serenity of the Bancroft Parlor at First Unitarian Church.Posing with our Bloomsday gear.Assembling at the Turtle Boy statue.Photographer/videographer Betty Jerewin takes a closer look at Ulysses via Kristina's iphone.First attempt at a group photo with Turtle Boy.  Not everyone is quite ready.Turtle Boy group photo #2.  Not bad but something is missing.The flag is finally in the photo, although the Ireland has turned into the Ivory Coast.  Close enough: It's already been a long day for some of the Ramblers.We were late getting seated at The Boynton but our waitress was a miracle worker: 10 Ramblers fed and watered in 60 minutes - and the restaurant was really jumping for Father's Day!  Unfortunately, it was too noisy for reading.Ahhh - At this point in the day, nothing short of a large macchiato could keep us going.  Fortunately, Espress Yourself Coffee was happy to oblige.  We picked up the action midway through the Ithaca episode, having read the first part in 2012.We last celebrated Bloomsday with Angela Dorenkamp in 2011.Angela Dorenkamp (1929-2013)  was one of the founders of the Worcester Bloomsday celebration.  She donated the Irish flag we unfurl at each stop along the way.
We battled intense rainstorms the night of our Street Beat celebration but we read, told stories, and had a fine time snacking while sharing James Joyce minutiae.  Present:  Anne Marie Lucci, Jennifer Freed, Carle Johnson, Lynda Johnson, John Eisner and Francine D'Alessandro (behind the camera.)
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